The hot Hollywood news continues to roll in, and it's time for a round-up!

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was the top-grossing film in its fourth weekend with $19.3 million, surpassing the plummeting grosses for The Flash, which dropped 73% in its second weekend and placed third, according to Variety.  The big drop for The Flash comes off an opening well under expectations (see "’The Flash’ Disappoints").  Pixar’s Elemental was the #2 movie for the weekend, holding up better than expected at $18.5 million and also coming in ahead of The Flash at $15.3 million.

Sony Pictures Entertainment reserved two new dates for untitled Marvel movies, according to Deadline.  They have reserved both November 8, 2024 and June 27, 2025.  The November 8, 2024 was previously the release date for Deadpool 3, which had moved up to May 3, 2024 (see "Best in Shows -- 2024"), and the June 27, 2025 date butts up against Disney's Moana live action movie (see "Best in Shows -- 2025").

Sony also removed El Muerto from their release schedule, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  This Spider-Man Universe spinoff, starring Bad Bunny (see "Reveals 'El Muerto'"), was originally projected to hit theaters on January 12, 2024, but now it seems dead in the water at the studio.

Sony released a new trailer for Kraven The Hunter (see below).  This movie, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson (see "Round-Up"), will hit theaters in October 2023.

The Hollywood writer's strike has put a halt to production of two more comic book-based shows, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Disney+'s Daredevil: Born Again and DC Studios/Max's Penguin have both been shut down due to picketing writers.  Daredevil Born Again joins other Marvel productions that are on hold because of the strike, including Thunderbolts and Blade (see "Marvel Productions Delayed").

Hulu has replaced Justin Roiland with voice actor Dan Stevens in the Solar Opposites animated series, according to  The Hollywood Reporter.  Roiland voiced Korvo in the series, but was ousted when he lost his producing deal with 20th Television Animation.  Adult Swim had also cut ties with Roiland after he had been connected with domestic violence charges from a 2020 incident (see "Adult Swim Cuts Ties with 'Rick & Morty' Co-Creator").  Solar Opposites will return for S4 on August 14, 2023.

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