WizKids unveiled the third wave of Dungeons & Dragons: 3-inch Plush Charms, by Kidrobot, which will hit stores in Q4 2023 or Q1 2024.

The new charms showcase famous monsters from Dungeons & Dragons lore. Some of the monsters included in this set are a Mind Flayer, a Tarrasque, an Intellect Devourer, and a Flumph. These plush charms can clip onto bags, backpacks, or luggage for a stylish accent. They come in a 24-count display that contains 6 of each type of plush charm in individual window boxed packs.

WizKids also recently revealed D&D 1E: Monster Series 2, a new wave of Dungeons & Dragons: 3-inch Vinyl Minis (see "'Dungeons & Dragons: 3-inch Vinyl Minis'").

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