Gale Force Nine unveiled World of Tanks: Starter Set 2023, a new entry level set, for release into retail on September 23, 2023.

This new starter set makes World of Tanks: Miniatures Game easy-to-learn and starts players off with a small selection of tanks to get on the road to victory. The set comes with four assembled and painted tanks: a Centurion MK. I, a Maus, a T29, and an IS-3. It comes with the four Tank cards for these miniatures, plus 30 Crew, module, and equipment cards. This set also contains a rulebook, dice, and tokens to play the game as well as an exclusive invite code for new online players and bonus code for existing players.

It will retail for $50.00.

Gale Force Nine also recently launched Firefly: The Game - 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition, a new edition of the classic board game, onto Gamefound (see "'Firefly: The Game - 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition'").

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