The upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Paradox Rift expansion will introduce two new types of Pokemon, called Ancient and Future Pokemon, to the Pokemon TCG.  Paradox Rift will launch on November 3.

The new Pokemon types were drawn from the Paradox Pokemon featured in the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet video games.  Each of the new types has a different style in the game.  Ancient Pokemon feature more direct attacks and high damage while being tougher and harder to Knock Out.  Future Pokemon, on the other hand, rely on speed, using Abilities and attacks that have additional effects.

In addition to the new Pokemon, Pardox Rift will also feature Ancient and Future Trainer cards to assist them.  Rounding out the new set will be the return of Technical Machines, in the form of Pokemon Tool cards that can be attached to other cards.

Among the cards in the Paradox Rift set, there will be 13 Pokemon ex and 7 Tera Pokemon ex, 34 Illustration Rare Pokemon, 15 Special Illustration Rare Pokemon and Supporters, 28 Ultra Rare full-art etched Pokemon ex and Supporters, and 7 Hyper Rare gold etched cards.  The cards will appear in booster packs, Elite Trainer boxes, and special collections worldwide.

The Pokemon 2023 World Championships were concluded earlier this month (see “‘Pokemon’ World Champions Declared”).

In October, a Premium Collection set featuring Charizard ex will be released (see “New ‘Pokemon TCG:  Charizard ex Premium Collection’ Incoming”).