Japanime Games revealed Queerz! TTRPG Basic Box, a new RPG boxed set designed by Son of Oak Studio, for release into retail in November 2023.

Queerz! TTRPG Basic Box is a TTRPG adaptation of the LGBTQ+ manga by Isago Fukuda.  Players will take on the role of characters with powers that come from Rainbow Empathy, a magical force that empowers and embodies ideals of humanity, compassion, joy, and wisdom.  They battle villains, such as the Justice Knights, that are fueled by Ignorance, a glasslike substance made of negative and hateful energy.  The RPG runs on the City of Mist engine, and has power tag mechanics where any abilities, characteristics, resources, allies, or moves can be named by the player and invoked during play as an action.

This boxed set will retail for $39.99.

Japanime Games recently announced two new Granblue Fantasy Starter Sets, for Japanime Tactics skirmish wargame (see "'Granblue Fantasy Starter Sets'").