CMON has announced the Marvel Zombies:  X-Men Resistance Core Box and four new expansions for Marvel ZombiesHydra Resurrection, Clash of the Sinister Six, Guardians of the Galaxy Set, and Fantastic 4:  Under Siege, all for release October 20.

Like the Marvel Zombies Core Box released earlier this year (see “‘Marvel Zombies Core Box’ Is Headed to Retail”), the X-Men Resistance Core Box combines CMON’s Zombicide game system with characters from the Marvel universe.  In this version, the players act as still-living super heroes struggling to survive against hordes of the undead as well as zombie heroes and villains.  They must attempt to complete their objectives and rescue bystanders as they grow in power and try to find a way to end the zombie apocalypse.

This Core Box allows players to play in both “Hero Mode” as living heroes and in “Zombie Mode”, both using X-Men characters who have their own unique powers and abilities.  It comes with 87 miniatures, 6 color bases, 6 plastic dashboards, 12 tracker cubes, 6 dice, 9 double-sided tiles, 12 ID cards, 128 mini cards, and 62 tokens.  It supports games with 1 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. Scenarios take about an hour to play.  MSRP is $ 129.99.

The four expansion sets all add new characters and missions to the game, and can be used in both Hero Mode and Zombie Mode:

Marvel Zombies:  Hydra Resurrection pits the players against the nefarious plots of Red Skull to raise an army of zombie Hydra soldiers.  They’ll need to defend the Helicarrier before seizing the initiative to storm a secret Hydra base.

Includes 25 miniatures, 6 double-sided tiles, 8 ID cards, 34 mini cards, and 12 tokens.  MSRP is $60.00.

The Marvel Zombies:  Guardians of the Galaxy Set brings the space-faring heroes into the game and gives players an opportunity to face off against the nearly unstoppable force of Thanos and the Infinity Stones that he wields against them.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Set adds 11 miniatures, 8 ID cards, and 20 mini cards to the game.  MSRP is $50.00.

Marvel Zombies:  Fantastic 4:  Under Siege brings Marvel’s First Family into the fight as they make their way from the ground floor to the roof of the Baxter Building and try to recover Reed Richard’s technological marvels, with each board tile representing a different floor of the building.

This expansion adds 10 miniatures, 4 double-sided tiles, 8 ID cards, 12 mini cards, and 1 token.  MSRP is $60.00.

Rounding out the new expansions, Marvel Zombies:  Clash of the Sinister Six brings a rogues’ gallery into the game and introduces a “Team vs Team” mode that allows living and undead teams to confront each other. This set also opens up iconic New York city locations to fight over.

This set comes with 14 miniatures, 4 double-sided tiles, 12 ID cards, 40 mini cards, and 6 tokens.  MSRP is $60.00.

Click Gallery below to see components from the new sets.

Next year, CMON will release a version of Zombicide inspired by the works of Monty Python (see “CMON Announces ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Zombicide 2E’”).  The company is also offering a role-playing game based on the Assassin’s Creed series (see “CMON Launches ‘Assassin’s Creed RPG’ Preorder”).