Marvel Comics has announced Star Wars by Gillen & Pac Omnibus, a 1,000-page hardcover collection of Star Warscomics written by Gillen, Pak, Cullen Bunn, and others, with art by Salvador Larroca, Andrea Broccardo, Angel Unzueta, Phil Noto, and Roland Boschi.  The omnibus will collect Star Wars (2015) #38-75, Star Wars Annual (2016) #4, and Star Wars: Empire Ascendant and will immediately follow Star Wars by Jason Aaron Omnibus, which collects Star Wars (2015) #1-37, along with other issues (see “The Force Is Strong in New Marvel Omnibus”).  Thus the Jason Aaron omnibus makes up the first half of the first chapter of Marvel’s Star Wars comics, which began after they reacquired the license in 2015 (see “Marvel Launching 3 ‘Star Wars’ Comics”), and the Gillen & Pak omnibus makes up the second half.

Star Wars by Gillen & Pac Omnibus will be released on April 24, 2024, with an MSRP of $125. The omnibus will have a main cover by Phil Noto and a direct market only cover by Pepe Larraz.

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