Steamforged Games acquired Street Masters, a miniatures board game, from Blacklist Games.

Street Masters is a cooperative game that was inspired by retro beat'em up video games like Double Dragon or River City Ransom.  This game was first released into trade in 2019 via Asmodee (see "'Street Masters' Into Trade"). Steamforged Games plans to take charge of the game's ongoing development, production, and distribution, as well as expanding the game.

"Street Masters is a game we’ve loved for a long time," said Rich Loxam, CEO and cofounder of Steamforged.  "We look forward to taking the reins, welcoming the fans into our thriving community, and exploring the exciting possibilities for the Street Masters world.”

Steamforged will also be taking over Blacklist's Indiegogo campaign for the game, which ended in 2020 and has still not been completely fulfilled.  This campaign raised $286,993 from 1,613 backers (about $179 per backer). Steamforged will provide backers with updates on this project's fulfillment process in the near future.