Brazilian artist Ivan Reis and Danish artist Peter Snejbjerg have joined the creator-owned media company Ghost Machine, bringing the total number of members to 11. Like all the creators in the group, the two artists will be exclusive to Ghost Machine once they wrap up their current commitments.

Reis, who recently teamed up with Tom Taylor for Titans: Beast World (see “Titans Anchor Crossover Event”), has been exclusive to DC for almost 20 years, working on series such as Superman, Blackest Night, and Justice League. During that time, he frequently collaborated with writer (and former DC President and CCO) Geoff Johns, and the two will team up once more for Hyde Street, the first title in Ghost Machine’s horror universe. Hyde Street will make its first appearance in the group’s first official comic, Ghost Machine #1, in January 2024, and the series will launch later in 2024.

Snejbjerg was an artist for the Vertigo series The Books of Magic, The Dreaming, and Starman, and he collaborated with Peter J. Tomasi, now also a member of Ghost Machine, on The Light Brigade. The two will work together again on Hornsby & Halo, set in Ghost Machine’s Family Odyssey universe, which will also debut in Ghost Machine #1.

Ghost Machine was launched in October (see “New Creator-Owned and Operated Media Company”), and its first official comic, Ghost Machine #1, will be released in January 2024; the 64-page comic will introduce Ghost Machine’s four shared universes and will be followed by three ongoing series, Geiger, Redcoat, and Rook: Exodus, all of which will launch in April 2024. Ghost Machine’s comics are published by Image.

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