Steamforged Games revealed Epic Encounters: Local Legends - Tavern Kit, which is now currently on preorder.

Players can now make their tavern and inn encounters epic with this new kit.  This is a 5E compatible product that helps DMs create encounters that spawn from lore at one of 10 fantasy inns included in the box.  The kit also features 60 NPCs that can be utilized in or to start an encounter as well as various tavern games that will test the players skill and wits.  The box includes an Inncounter Book, a Tavern book, a NPC book with 60 stat cards, 10 tavern mats, and 10 illustrated playmats.

It will retail for $39.99.

Steamforged Games also recently revealed The Sunless City, a new Dark Souls: The Board Game core set (see "'Dark Souls: The Board Game' Core Set").