Stonemaier Games revealed Wyrmspan, a new dragon sanctuary building game, which will be available at retail in late March 2024.

In this game, players take on the roles of amateur dracologists in a world where dragons traverse the skies.  They will need to excavate a hidden labyrinth on their land, and coax some of these creatures to roost there.  The sanctuary starts the game by having three spaces: a Crimson Cavern, a Golden Grotto, and a Amethyst Abyss.  Players will add spaces to their sanctuary over the course of the game and use the dragons' abilities to gain favor with the Dragon Guild.

The mechanics of this game are inspired by Wingspan (see "'Wingspan'"), but it is a standalone game that is not compatible with Wingspan.  This game features artwork by Clementine Campardou.  Wyrmspan is for one to five players and plays in 90 minutes.