City of Games will release Vadoran Gardens Refreshed, a new edition of the original tile placement game, into retail on March 1, 2024 as a GTS Distribution exclusive.

Vadoran Gardens Refreshed, designed by Frank West (see "New Officers"), is an updated version of the competitive tile-placement and card-drafting game set in The City of Kings universe that was first released in 2019.  In the game, players take on the roles of acolytes of the retiring High Priestess, who are vying to become her successor.  They enter the gardens to study and learn the priestess' lessons as they complete tasks like feeding animals, cleaning relics, and watering flowers.  On their turn, players draft tiles to put in their tableau.  The game lasts 10 rounds, and players score points based on the icons they pick up and the tiles they connect in their personal tableau.

The new edition includes family friendly version of the rules, updated tiles, and a solo mode.  It is for one to four players, ages 8 and up, and plays in 20-40 minutes.