Gale Force Nine unveiled Clash of Steel, a new tabletop miniatures game, which will hit stores in April 2024.

Clash of Steel is set in a world where  World War II has been reignited in 1948 Europe.  Players can pick one of four nations to play, and battle it out in tank-on-tank miniatures combat.  The four nations available to play are a Soviet force, an American force, a German force, and a British force.  This game features a range of different missions to play through, which keep gameplay fresh, as well as a rich alternate history setting to explore.

The Clash of Steel product line will kick off with two starter sets, which give players everything they need to setup and play.  The American vs. Soviet Starter Set comes with 21 tank miniatures, 22 commanders, decals, dice, tokens and rules.  The German vs. British Starter Set contains 17 tank miniatures, 22 commanders, decals, dice, tokens and rules.

Gale Force Nine also recently released a World of Tanks: Starter Set 2023, a new entry level set (see "'World of Tanks' Starter Set").

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