CMON LTD and Gamefound announced that the two companies have inked an exclusivity deal for tabletop crowdfunding and a pledge manager partnership on February 16, 2024.

As part of the deal, CMON will send all of its upcoming slate of crowdfunding and preorder campaigns onto Gamefound. This, needless to say, represents an epic shift in the tabletop crowdfunding scene as CMON campaigns had previously generated millions of dollars on the Kickstarter platform up to this point. Just recently, the Marvel Zombies Kickstarter alone raised over $9 million on Kickstarter (see "'Marvel Zombies' Tops $9 Million").  David Preti, COO of CMON LTD, offered comment on the move to Gamefound:

 “At CMON, we always look to innovate and provide the best products and experiences for our customers," stated Preti. "Gamefound has a number of excellent features that our fans have been asking for, and we feel their platform is a great fit for us as we move into the future.  We want the consumer experience to be as smooth as possible, and Gamefound gives us the tools we need so we can focus on creating great games.”

CMON's A Song of Ice & Fire: Tactics campaign, which offers a new two-player skirmish version of the A Song of Ice & Fire miniatures game, is currently up on Gamefound. It has raised $1,008,801 from 4,378 backers (about $231 per backer) as of the publication of this article.