CMON’s Marvel Zombies miniatures board game, which uses the Zombicide core mechanics (see "CMON Launches ‘Marvel Zombies’ Board Game on Kickstarter"), wrapped up its Kickstarter on Thursday, raising over $9 million in 16 days and hitting Kickstarter’s all-time top dollars raised chart.

The game (and expansions) raised $9,032,583 from 28,974 backers, or $311.75 per backer; the Gigantic Galactus game piece helped draw backers to the higher pledge levels. Marvel Zombies raised the most ever for a CMON game, easily beating Zombicide: Green Horde, which raised just over $5 million (see "Zombie Orcs Invade ‘Zombicide’").

Marvel Zombies charted at #4 on Kickstarter’s all-time most-funded tabletop games chart, behind only Frosthaven, Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5, and Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game.