Gale Force Nine announced three projects that are headed to Gamefound over the next two years.

The three projects feature both new and existing IPs within the GF9 family of games.  Starting in April 2024, The Adventures of Conan will launch for crowdfunding, which is a new license for GF9.  This game sends players off on an epic journey to seize glory in a two to four player asymmetrical dice game.

GF9 will follow The Adventures of Conan up in late 2024 with Star Trek Ascendancy: Final Frontier.  It is a collector's edition of their Star Trek Ascendancy board game series that comes with all seven expansions. In early 2025, GF9 will cap off the proposed slate with Dune: Kwisatz Haderach Edition.  This is an all-in-one edition of the original board game (see " 'Dune' Details") that features all three expansions.