Wizards of the Coast announced Dungeons & Dragons 50th Anniversary play series events, which run as in-store play throughout 2024.

This OP series was created to help retailers bring players into their stores to celebrate 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons. The first series of events will begin running on March 29, 2024 and can be run through April 29, 2024, and will feature the Descent into the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. This adventure is adapted from another adventure that appears in the Quests from the Infinite Staircase anthology, which hits retail in summer 2024 (see "2024-25 Deets and Dates").

The adventure, which plays in about four hours, will offer two different gameplay modes: a standard mode (casual play) and a tournament mode (competitive play). Tournament mode is a throwback to old D&D convention tournaments that revolved around the DM using a scoring checklist to track what the group did throughout the game session. These events can be booked by retailers through their EventLink accounts.