The armies of the Dwarfen Mountain Holds are marching into Warhammer:  The Old World later this year, with a new Arcane Journal book as well as both new miniatures and classics coming back into production, according to an announcement at Adepticon 2024.

Those seeking to launch a Dwarf invasion can choose the Dwarfen Mountain Holds Battalion boxed set, which features a total of 66 models for use in the game, including 32 Dwarf Warriors, 32 Dwarf Quarrellers/Thunderers, and a pair of Gyrocopters/Gyrobombers.

Four all-new Dwarf models will be on offer, including a two-pack featuring a pair of plastic Dwarf Lords, one on foot and one held up by his Shieldbearers, a Dwarf Thane with Handgun kit, and a new, younger version of the Slayer King Ungrim Ironfist, both in Forge World resin.

Some classic plastic model kits from the era of Warhammer Fantasy Battles will follow, including Ironbreakers, Hammerers, Warriors, Miners, and Quarrelers, as well as the King on Oathstone, Runesmith, Gyrocopter, and Cannons.  They will be joined by a Dwarf Command set in resin, featuring a Lord, a Thane with Battle Standard, and a Slayer of Legend.

Also returning from the Games Workshop vaults will be a number of metal Dwarf kits, including artillery units like the Grudge Thrower, Bolt Thrower, Flame Cannon, and Anvil of Doom, a group of Master Engineers, and classic Slayers from the early 1990s.

Rules for the new Dwarfs are contained in the 48-page Arcane Journal:  Dwarfen Mountain Holds, which features two Armies of Infamy, new units and magical items, and pair of characters drawn from Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  A pack of Reference Cards, describing all of the Runes and Anvil of Doom abilities, and a set of Dwarf-inspired dice will also be available.

Click Gallery below to see some of the models.

The Dwarfs follow their long-time nemeses, the Orcs, who are also returning to The Old World this year (see “Orcs Smash ‘Warhammer:  The Old World’ – in Metal”).

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