Games Workshop has announced a number of model kits for Warhammer: The Old World featuring the forces of the orcs and goblins and their allies, including classic and remastered kits in metal, plastic, and Forge World resin.

The centerpiece of the new releases is the Orc & Goblin Tribes Battalion, an army set with 73 miniatures including 31 Orc Boyz, a command set, 40 Goblins, and 2 Orc Boar Chariots, along with two transfer sheets.

Five of the Orc sets will be offered in Forge World resin:

  • Black Orc Bigboss – A massive Orc leader in iron armor, mounted on a 30mm base.
  • Orc Warboss on Wyvern – A classic kit remastered using the classic plastic wings sprue.
  • Troll Hag – A hideous Behemoth-sized character with access to a unique set of spells.
  • Orc Command Set – Featuring an Orc Warboss with a great weapon and a Bigboss with a battle standard.
  • Night Goblin Command Set – Combines a Night Goblin Warboss riding a Giant Cave Squig, a Night Goblin Bigboss with a standard, and a Night Goblin Shaman.

Two classic Orc sets return in plastic: the Orc Bosses set offers a pair of customizable Orc leaders, one mounted and one on foot, while Orc Boyz Mob features 31 Orc Boyz with a choice of weapons.  The Orc Boyz Mob is the same as in the Orc & Goblin Tribes Battalion.

Games Workshop is offering three Orc sets cast in metal: 

  • Orc Big ‘Uns, with five models in three designs
  • Orc Big ‘Uns Command with three designs
  • Orc Shaman with Bone Staff

Meanwhile, there will be seven packs of Goblins in metal: 

  • Night Goblin Bosses (four models)
  • Night Goblin Shamans (three)
  • Goblin Bosses (three)
  • Goblin Shamans (two)
  • Goblin Nasty Skulkers (three)
  • Goblin Wolf Rider Bosses (with plastic wolves)
  • Goblin Wolf Chariot (with plastic wolves and wheels)

More metal-cast packs will feature some Orc and Goblin support troops, including:

  • Common Trolls (two models)
  • Badlands Ogre Bulls (five)
  • Snotlings (four bases worth)
  • Goblin Rock Lobber (with three crew and an Orc Bully)
  • Goblin Bolt Throwa (with three crew)
  • Goblin Doom Diver Catapult (three crew)
  • Snotling Pump Wagon.

Rounding out the new(-ish) sets are a pair of classic Giants, remastered and cast in Forge World resin.

Click Gallery below for images of the models.

To use these models in the new Warhammer:  The Old World setting, there will be the Orc & Goblin Tribes Arcane Journal, a 48-page softcover book with rules, lore, maps, a historical scenario, two Armies of Infamy, new spells, and new units.  A set of 20 dice in Orc-ish green and a pack of 36 reference cards will also be available.

Games Workshop launched Warhammer:  The Old World earlier this year (see “Launch Range for ‘Warhammer:  The Old World”).

Cubicle 7 will be offering a licensed tabletop role-playing game based on the setting as well (see “Cubicle 7 Tackles ‘Warhammer:  The Old World”).