Catalyst Game Labs revealed two new BattleTech products at their AdeptiCon 2024 booth.

The first of the two products revealed at their booth was a collaboration paint set with The Army Painter. BattleTech: Mercenaries Paint Set is an all-in-one box that contains most of the paints used to decorate 'Mech mercenary units.  It contains paints that are a variation of Speedpaints 2.0 as well as new Warpaints Fanatic colors.  The set comes with 10 acrylics, 7 Speedpaints, a metallic paints, a wash, a primer, a painting guide, and a Basecoating Brush.

Another new arrival at the Catalyst booth was the BattleTech: Recognition Guide ILClan Vol. 2 technical readout book.  This book collects information on brand-new Inner Sphere and Clan BattleMechs.  It contains information previously published as PDF-only and is a complementary book to Recognition Guide, Vol. 1: Classics.  It will retail for $34.99.

Both of these products will be coming soon to retail stores in 2024.

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