Alien Books will launch Resurgence of the Valiant Universe, a new event series, in September.  Resurgence of the Valiant Universe will follow a prelude series, The Valiants, which launches in May, after a Free Comic Book Day giveaway, and a number of "Road to Resurgence" series that will set the stage.

The storyline for Resurgence of the Valiant Universe will center around Doctor Silk, seen by some as a terrorist and by others as a visionary scientist, who forges an unlikely alliance and gains the means to reshape the fabric of the Valiant Universe.  Lives will be changed and destinies rewritten in the new series.

Alien Books has been releasing collections of previously published Valiant material and wrapping up dangling storylines in preparation for "Resurgence," and is launching a raft of new series in the coming months as part of the "Road to Resurgence."

"Road to Resurgence" series in the pipe for launch in May include Faith Returns, by Jody Houser and Aleta Vidal; X-O Manowar: Invictus, by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad & Fernando Heinz Furukawa; and Rai: The Book of the Darque, by Dan Abnett & Emilio Ultrera.

In June, Alien Books will launch Ninjak vs. Roku, by AJ Amadu and Emiliano Correa; and in July, Eternal Warriors: Last Ride of the Immortals will launch.

ICv2 interviewed Alien Books Director Matias Timarchi and Sales and Operations head Danielle Ward at Anime NYC (see "ICv2 Interview").

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