Steamforged will release two new Epic Encounters: Local Legends boxes, Berserker and Griffon, on July 25, 2024.  Each includes miniatures, an illustrated battlemap, and a complete 5E-compatible encounter booklet that incorporates the miniatures, at a $24.99 MSRP.

This format, pioneered by Steamforged, has become an important new way to release minis with game content in one package (see "RPG Encounter Miniatures Boxed Sets").

Epic Encounters: Local Legends – Berserker is built around the Berserker, the champion of the fighting pit, in armor and giant sword and with accompanying pieces, four miniatures in all.

Epic Encounters: Local Legends – Griffon centers on a winged predator, with an equine victim, two minis in total.

Steamforged recently released Epic Encounters: Local Legends for Green Dragon and Night Hag (see "’Green Dragon’ and ‘Night Hag’").

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