Steamforged Games will release two new Epic Encounters: Local Legends miniatures sets, with encounter booklets: Green Dragon and Night Hag, the company announced.  Like the first four sets, which will be released in March (see "Four ‘Local Legends’ Sets"), the new sets are created for fantasy tavern encounters.  Each set can be used on its own, or combined with Steamforged's Local Legends Tavern Kit (see "’Local Legends’ Box").

Epic Encounters: Local Legends - Green Dragon needs adventurers that can find the mischievous devil that’s been stealing food from the kitchen and making acid burns in the tavern carpet.

Epic Encounters: Local Legends – Night Hag presents Marshina, who is seeking to increase her power by tapping ancient leylines.  She must be stopped, or the whole multiverse is at risk.

The new sets will each include three miniatures, illustrated battlemap, and the encounter booklet.  Release date is May 15, at $24.99 MSRP each.

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