Marvel Comics has announced Werewolf by Night, a new ongoing series in its Red Band format, for August launch.  Marvel had previously announced that it would release both regular and Red Band versions of its upcoming Blood Hunt miniseries, which will be available only in print (see "’Red Band Edition’ of ‘Blood Hunt’").

Marvel’s Red Band issues will carry a parental advisory, and be sold poly-bagged.

Werewolf by Night will be available only in a Red Band edition.  It’s written by Jason Loo (who is also writing the Werewolf by Night: Blood Hunt one-shot), with art by Sergio Davilla (Venom, Thor).

The story features Jack Russell, the original Werewolf by Night, with new enemies and unsure he can be trusted around old allies and a lost love, and Elsa Bloodstone around to keep him in check.

Cover is by E.M. Gist.