Osprey Games will release Bolt Action: Third Edition, a new version of the World War II miniatures game, this Fall, the company announced.  The new edition will feature refined and updated rules and starter army lists.  The rules will provide new tactical depth in the force composition mechanics and fresh challenges in the scenario generation system. 

The new volume is written by Warlord Games’ Alessio Cavatore, the co-designer of the original version, with art by Peter Dennis.  Cavatore described his motivations for the new rule set. “For me, there’s always one goal in mind – continuing my quest for a truly ‘seamless’ set of wargame rules – in other words, the Holy Grail of a rules system where the players are always thinking about their next moves on the table, and not about the rules of the game,” he said in a statement accompanying the announcement.

Miniatures for the first edition, released in 2012, won the Origins Award for Best Historical Miniatures Figure or Line (see “2012 Origins Award Winners”). The second edition was released in 2016 (see “New Edition for ‘Bolt Action’”).

The hardcover volume will be released September 26, 2024, at $50 MSRP.