Marvel Comics will introduce four new heroes in its 2099 era in Annihilation 2099, a weekly event series in July.  The series is written by Steve Orlando, with different artists for each issue.  The five issues are:

Annihilation 2099 #1, “Who Is the Last Nova,” with art by Ibraim Roberson, features the last survivor of Xandar.  This first issue also includes a backup by Orlando and Dale Eaglesham, in which Dracula sets course for the stars.

Annihilation 2099 #2, “A Wakandan Tech Goddess!,” with art by Jose Luis, features Starlord risking her life to save Planet Wakanda against Quasar, the Living Star.

Annihilation 2099 #3, Rage of the Red Hulk,” with art by Pete Woods, features Rosss romero as the All-New Red Hulk, vs. Terrax, the Planet Hunter.

Annihilation 2099 #4, “A Faustian Pact To Shake the Stars,” with art by Ario Anindito, tells a story of Jonah Marlo as the Silver Surfer of 2099, deciding he can no longer collect souls for Mephisto.

Annihilation 2099 #5, “First Contact with the Impaler,” with art by Dale Eaglesham, brings back Dracula 2099 as he crashes on an alien world and fights Darkhawk, who’s attacking from the stars.

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