Ares Games will distribute Tablescope game Light Speed Arena, a new version of the 2003 James Ernest and Tom Jolly Cheapass Games release Lightspeed, incorporating an app with computer vision technology. The game is a tabletop shooter in which players aim lasers and take a smartphone photo to let the companion app unfold the battle. 

Players choose one of four fleets with unique abilities and try to outmaneuver their opponents in real-time space battles.  The game is resolved by a final photo, which the app analyzes to determine, visualize, and comment on the game’s outcome. 

The game will be funded on Kickstarter in May and released by Ares in 2025.

Tablescope will also partner with Ares for companion apps for Ares games, beginning with Wings of Glory.

Ares will distribute Barbarian Kingdoms, from Jester Games (see “’Barbarian Kingdoms’ Invade Retail”).