Writer Matt Kindt is teaming up with his mother, Margie Kraft Kindt, to create a new whodunit mystery miniseries, Gilt Frame, to be published by Dark Horse Comics under its Flux House imprint.  The Kindts are each developing one of the two main characters in the series: Matt is writing Sam, a twentysomething orphan, and Margie is taking on his Aunt Merry, who raised him and now travels the globe with him, solving crimes.  Gilt Frame is set in Paris, where the two discover a bizarre murder scene and must contend with a cast of adversaries including art forgers, gun-runners, a 100-year-old ghost, and a renowned French detective in order to solve the mystery of what happened and why.  The three-issue miniseries will launch on August 7, 2024 with a 64-page first issue.

“While we were working on this book it brought back memories of me when I was ten or so... and Mom constructing pretend 'crime scenes' at home for me to solve,” Matt Kindt said in a statement accompanying the announcement.  “Follow the fake bloody footprints to figure out what happened.  Pay attention to the broken clock. Why is that door open? That childhood memory actually explains a lot.  Very formative.  So of course it only makes sense for us to build another crime scene together.  Brings me back to my roots and to what writing has always been for me – play.  We’re having fun.”

Kindt and Dark Horse set up the Flux House imprint in 2022 (see “Matt Kindt to Launch Boutique Imprint at Dark Horse”).

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