Monolith Board Games has acquired assets of the defunct Rackham Company, which were assigned by the Paris Commercial Court, the company announced. 

Rackham SA entered a legal protection period way back in 2007 (see “Rackham Enters Legal Protection Period”). A new company with a similar name acquired some assets, including Confrontation and AT-43, in 2008 (see “Rackham Assets Acquired”). By 2011, Dust Games was resurrecting Confrontation (see “Dust Resurrects ‘Confrontation’”). Former Rackham employees formed Zombicide creator Guillotine Games that year. It’s unclear what transpired over the past decade to lead to this ruling by the Paris court, or what assets still remained at Rackham. Monolith has promised more news soon.

Monolith, which primarily releases its games by Kickstarter, re-acquired the license for Conan games in late 2022 (see “License Goes to Monolith”), and also produces games based on Heroic Signatures’ Solomon Kane.