Wizards of the Coast unveiled details on their MagicCon Las Vegas event, which will happen at the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 25-27, 2024.

This event was previously announced back in November 2023 as the last stop on the MagicCon tour (see "MagicCon Schedule 2024 Unveiled"). It will host the 2024 Magic World Championship, which will consist of Standard Constructed format and Duskmourn: House of Horror draft play, as well as the $100,000 Limited Open event where eight Pro Tour invites will be up for grabs. There will also be a ReRelease Chaos event hosted by The Professor, a Pro Tour Qualifier for the first Pro Tour in 2025, the final Secret Lair Showdown of 2024, Un-Known events, and more.

Attendees will also be able to purchase a new convention Secret Lair drop, Burning Revelations. This convention set will include five Magic: The Gathering cards: Inspiring Overseer, Price of Glory, Consider, Reckless Fireweaver, and Akroma's Memorial. The artwork provided for this drop will be rendered by Ricardo Cavolo.

Tickets go sale at 10 am PT on May 16, 2024. Single Day passes are $35 with Early Bird pricing (lasts till May 24, 2024) and $40 at the door. WotC has also added new Youth passes for the event, which cost $20 for the day.