DC will bring back the Gotham City Sirens for the month of August 2024, while the lead characters’ solo series Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy take the month off, returning in September with ongoing numbering.

The four-issue miniseries Gotham City Sirens, written by Leah Williams, will be released on a weekly schedule, with two different artists alternating weeks: Matteo Lolli for issues #1 and #3 and Daniel Hillyard for issues #2 and #4.  Triona Farrell will be the colorist for all four issues, with Brandt & Stein lending a hand on issue #4, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou will be the letterer.

The story begins with Gotham City thrown into chaos after an illegal energy drink sponsors a violent hunt that threatens the lives of wildlife and humans alike.  Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy team up as the Sirens to battle the threat.  The series will include appearances by White Rabbit and Punchline as well as the cowboy-themed himbo henchmen known as the Nasty Boys.

The series will launch on August 7, and every issue will have a main cover by Terry Dodson, variants by W. Scott Forbes and Jeehyung Lee, connecting variants by Guillem March, and an open-to-order foil variant of March’s cover.  Additionally, each will have a 1:25 variant by a different artist: Ben Harvey for #1, Hillyard for #2, Natacha Bustos for #3, and Tirso for #4.

The original Gotham City Sirens, by Paul Dini, is one of DC’s collection of compact paperbacks (see “DC Launches New Line of ‘Compact Comics’”).

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