Archon Studio, which released Masters of the Universe: Battleground in Europe in 2022, will NOT release the Masters of the Universe skirmish game to retailers in North America after crowdfunding on Gamefound. 

Note: Archon corrected its answer to our question about retail distribution in North America, which it had originally answered, "Yes, of course - after it gets into the hands of backers." Archon's new answer to that question is, "We don't have a licence to distribute it directly to retailers [in North America]. - ed,

In Masters of the Universe: Battleground, played with miniatures on battle maps with terrain, two to four players control characters’ weapons, spells, and trinkets. Asymmetric elements are introduced through Fate & Glory cards, and mana is used to control randomness.  The game includes seven factions, with heroes and villains. 

Archon is currently crowdfunding the game, which includes more factions and new content since the original release, on Gamefound.

Distribution to retailers will not follow after backer fulfillment, an Archon spokesperson told ICv2.

Archon announced Heroes of Might & Magic III: The Board Game earlier this year (see "Archon Reveals Board Game").