Funforge's Far Cry: Escape from Rook Islands, based on the Ubisoft video game series, will be released to trade this summer.  The video game series includes six mainline games, a standalone expansion, and several spin-offs, released beginning in 2004.  The most recent game, Far Cry 6, was released in 2021.

In the tactical cooperative board game, which reinterprets the premise of the video game, players join forces to face Vaas, his followers, and other dangers to escape safely.  In a series of narrative missions, players can progress characters and upgrade equipment for each player’s specialties.

Box contents include 39 Character Standees, 157 Cards, 6 Playerboards with dual rotating wheels, 9 Double-sided Enemy Boards, 8 Double-sided Life Boards, 7 Double-sided Game Boards, 4 Double-sided Round Boards, 4 Insanity Trackers, 18 Sack/Holster Boards, 290 Tokens, 20 Double-sided Tiles, 24 Plastic Standee Bases, 24 Wooden Cubes, 12 Plastic Dice, 1 Dice Tower, and Rulebook.

Far Cry: Escape from Rook Islands is for 1 to 4 players.  It will be released on August 1 at $64.99 MSRP.