Magic: The Gathering designers have rebranded the "tribal" card type and previewed other mechanics from Modern Horizons 3.

"Tribal" has been a card type and term used in Magic: The Gathering for many years to describe cards that affect a single type of creature (i.e. Elves, Goblins, Merfolk, etc). It had been briefly changed by designers to "typal" for the Tales from Middle-earth set (see "'The Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle-earth'") to indicate a single creature type, because the word "tribal" had unintended connotations. Now, with the Modern Horizons 3 set, "tribal" will be printed on cards as "kindred." This game term, of course, is very similar to the proper noun Kindred used in Vampire: The Masquerade since its inception to describe vampire-kind.

Alongside "kindred," WotC has also added "Umbral Armor" as a cleaned up term for "Totem Armor," which has been a keyword in Magic: The Gathering since Rise of the Eldrazi (see "Rise of the Eldrazi").  There are also over 40 other keywords returning in this set, covering everything from Energy to Bestow. Modern Horizons 3 will hit stores on June 14, 2024 (see "'Modern Horizons 3'").

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