An ICv2 Release.  In a year when trends are normalizing post-pandemic, one category in the comics space stands out: webtoons!  Now that we're a few years into the vertically-scrolling digital comics trend, it's clear that webtoon properties that have big audiences can bring those audiences to print collections in a powerful way.

"As the post-Covid market has returned to mostly normal patterns, the webtoon phenomenon shows no signs of slowing," ICv2 Publisher Milton Griepp said as the third ICv2 Webtoon Week was announced.  "Publishers are learning what works best in print, and media adaptations are turbocharging the impact of webtoons on sales.  We're hosting this special event to focus on this phenomenon and the opportunities it represents.  We want to thank our sponsors, WEBOON Unscrolled, Dark Horse Comics, and Oni Press, for their support.

Watch ICv2 every day during Webtoon Week for more on what's happening in the fastest- growing segment of the graphic novel market.

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