The comics publisher Artists, Writers & Artisans, Inc. (AWA) and Roy Lee’s film and television production company Vertigo Entertainment are partnering to develop horror stories as graphic novels, illustrated prose, films, and television.  Vertigo’s previous films include The Ring, It, Death Note, and Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Under the new deal, AWA will develop graphic novels, working with a select group of writers and artists, and the AWA’s production arm, AWA Studios, will co-produce film and television adaptations with Vertigo.

“I'm constantly looking for new stories that bring dread and surprise to push the genre forward in daring, unexpected ways,” Lee said in a statement accompanying the announcement.  “I’ve been inspired by the titles AWA has published over the last few years.  This dynamic partnership will allow us to work with distinct voices to develop all-new terrifying ideas and bring something to the horror world we haven’t seen before.”

Vertigo is adapting the theme-park horror webtoon Gremoryland for the screen (see “‘Gremoryland’”).