Atomic Mass Games announced that they will officially end the development of the Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada lines.

The decision to end development on these lines was made because of rising production costs, manufacturing, and pandemic-related challenges. These issues made producing quality pre-painted miniatures difficult for AMG. The announcement comes of little surprise as AMG had already all but jettisoned Armada in 2021 (see "'Star Wars: Armada' on Autopilot"), and X-Wing was seeing fewer and fewer new releases yearly. In a heartfelt message to fans, AMG thanked the community for their support and decision as well as pledged to still support OP for both games.

Atomic Mass Games will in all likelihood turn its attention to the other Star Wars miniatures lines, Shatterpoint and Legion. They recently revealed the Not Accepting Surrenders Squad Pack, for Star Wars: Shatterpoint (see "'Star Wars: Shatterpoint' Pack").