Avalon Hill unveiled Talisman Alliances: Fate Beckons, a new expansion for Talisman 5E, which will hit retail on October 1, 2024.

This first-ever expansion for Talisman 5E (see "'Talisman: The Magical Quest Board Game'") freshens up the base game with new character, spell, and Adventure cards.  It also introduces cooperative play to the game with a scenario that sees contenders for the Crown of Command teaming up to battle the forces of evil. In this game, players will take on 5 Trials where players will attempt to put two Talismans on the Places of Power to unseal the Portal of Power and then battle the Trial’s main boss.  As Trials are completed, players will open envelopes and boxes included in the expansion which contain mystery figures, mystery cards, and  Trial objectives.

Talisman Alliances: Fate Beckons requires the base game to play.  With the base game, it supports two to six players, ages 12 and up.  This game will retail for $33.99.

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