Mantic Games has placed Edge of Sanity, a new Firefight 2E miniatures game two-player starter set, onto preorder.

The new starter introduces players to Firefight 2E (see "'Firefight 2E'") with over 70 highly detailed miniatures. It pits the forces of the Asterians against the Nightstalkers in an action-packed battle. The set also comes with a Firefight Rulebook, to help new players along their way in the Warpath universe, as well as counters and dice. The game box contains 20 plastic Marionettes, 4 plastic Support Drones, 6 plastic Cyphers, 6 plastic Matsudan, 20 plastic Scarecrows, 10 plastic Reapers, 6 plastic Butchers, a resin Shade, a resin Cypher Prime, a Firefight rulebook, card counters, Command dice, 16 D8 dice, and bases.

Edge of Sanity will retail for $140.00.