Animerica, the anime and manga monthly magazine that Viz has been publishing for over a dozen years, is ending its run as a newsstand, direct market and subscription publication with its June issue (Volume 13, No. 6).  But the publication of the June issue will not mark the end of this venerable source of key information about Japanese culture -- Viz plans to distribute a revamped Animerica at numerous anime conventions starting at Anime Expo in July.  The (presumably free) distribution at anime cons should allow Viz to make the publication available to a larger fan audience, while keeping the majority of its current readers, who are already attending at least one major anime convention anyway.


Attendance at anime conventions grew considerably in 2004 (see 'Anime Expo Up Nearly 50%'), reflecting a growth in the core anime audience.  Viz obviously feels that the most efficient way to reach this audience is by getting wide distribution at various anime cons and relying on advertising rather than cover price to generate revenues to cover the cost of production.