Central Park Media has announced that it will re-release Revolutionary Girl Utena, one of the most interesting shoujo anime series of all time, in a new lower cost edition with the first box set due for release on February 28th.  The 3-Disk Rose Collection Box Set (SRP $39.95) includes the first 13 episodes of the Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series and the Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie.  The Rose Collection DVD Box Set features a commentary from director Kunihiko Ikuhara as well as a behind-the-scenes featurette about the making of the English language version of the series.  Two additional box sets (both priced at $39.95) will follow in the spring and allow fans to collect the entire series.


CPM is also re-releasing the Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie Collector's Edition on its own on February 28th and lowering its SRP to $19.95.