Variety is reporting that Fox has shut down work on a pilot for a revival of the fan favorite Battlestar Galactica television series (see 'Fox Orders Battlestar Galactica Pilot').  X-Men helmer Bryan Singer was set to direct the pilot for Battlestar, but he is also in the midst of preparation for the production of the X-men sequel, and Fox was reportedly unhappy at the prospect that directing the Galactica pilot would divert Singer's attention from the X-Men film, which is one of Fox's biggest productions for next year.  In a dispute between Fox's feature film department and its network TV Division, the movie unit clearly got its way as Singer, who is a huge fan of the original Battlestar Galactica show, was forced to back out of directing the pilot.


Without Singer on board to direct the pilot, Fox pulled the plug on filming of the initial effort in the new series.  Shooting was supposed to begin in Vancouver in January, but the Galactica revival is now in limbo.  There is still a chance that Singer may get to do  Galactica after he finishes with X-Men 2, but Variety reports that, while talks are supposedly ongoing, no deal has been reached.  Fox's priorities here are in line with the interests of pop culture retailers.  A revival of the fan favorite science fiction series would be nice, but the success of a second X-Men film could provide the industry with a much needed boost next year.