The CoLoursTV network, which is seen on the Dish Satellite Network (channel 9396 or 9407), will launch a syndicated linear version of the FUNimation anime channel on Monday, June 19th (see 'FUNimation Makes First Sale').  The FUNimation programming will be seen from 10 pm to midnight (ET, PT) every night of the week.  Four series (Kodocha, Case Closed, Galaxy Railroad, and Spiral) will be broadcast from Monday through Friday, while four other FUNimation series (Tenchi GXP, Kiddy Grade, Blue Gender, and Baki the Grappler) will air on Saturday and Sunday nights.


Black Star Communications produces CoLours TV, which bill itself as 'America's first multicultural television network,' and is based in Denver, Colorado.  Also starting on June 19th, the FUNimation Channel offerings will also be broadcast over the air in the Los Angeles area on the digital channel 18.3 via the LA 18 channel.


FUNimation Productions, a subsidiary of the Navarre Corporation, announced the FUNimation Channel, designed as a 'linear' channel available via cable or satellite providers, last September (see 'FUNimation Launches Cable Channel').   


The 'syndicated' showings of a block of FUNimation Channel programming on CoLoursTV and LA 18 are the first broadcast deals for the new all-anime service.