Satoshi Kon's anime feature Paprika failed to get an Oscar Nomination.  The 'R' rated Paprika was one of sixteen animated features chosen for consideration as an Oscar nominee.  As ICv2 predicted (see 'Arthur and the Invisibles Sequels Ok'd'), Paprika's fate was sealed when Arthur and the Invisibles was forced out of the nomination process because it failed to meet the Academy requirement that nominees be at least 75% animated.  The disqualification of Arthur meant that there were only 15 potential nominees, which according to Academy rules lower the number of nominations from five to three, thereby greatly reducing Paprika's chances.


Cars, Happy Feet and Monster House will battle it out for the Animated Feature Oscar.  By rejecting Paprika and the Phillip K. Dick-inspired A Scanner Darkly the Academy once again demonstrated its reluctance to reward animated features that are made for adults rather than for kids.