Bird Boy Vol 1: The Sword of Mali Mani TP
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: May 18,2016
Cover Price: $9.99
Writer: Anne Szabla
Artist: Anne Szabla
Cover: Anne Szabla
Format: 88 pgs., Full-Color, Trade Paperback
Rating: 8+

Bird Boy follows the story of Bali, a ten-year-old boy desperate to prove his worth to his northern tribe despite his small stature. Banned from the ceremony that would make him an adult in the eyes of his people, he takes matters into his own hands. To prove that he is capable of taking care of himself, he sets out into the forbidden forest and stumbles upon a legendary weapon. Bali fights his way across a dangerous land of gods, men, and beasts to keep the sword of Mali Mani, the savior of the sun, from the hands of the terrifying Rooks.