The Complete Okko TP
Publisher: Archaia (BOOM! Studios)
Release Date: December 27, 2017
Cover Price: $39.99
Writer/Artist: Hub
Translation: Edward Gauvin
Cover: Hub
Format: 560 pgs., Full-Color, Trade Paperback
Rating: Mature

From master storyteller Hub, The Complete Okko contains Volumes 1-4 and the never-before-released-in-English Vol. 5, The Cycle of Emptiness, of his ambitious fantasy series that explores one ronin's journey of redemption across a world that is as beautiful as it is violent.

Archaia has previously published four volumes of Okko in English: Okko: The Cycle of Water (2007), Okko: The Cycle of Earth (2010), Okko: The Cycle of Air (2011), and Okko: The Cycle of Fire (2012).  The fifth and final volume, Okko: The Cycle of Emptiness, is published for the first time in this omnibus.  The preview pages are from The Cycle of Emptiness so have never before been seen in English.

It is the Time of Mists in the Pajan Empire, an era of warring clans struggling for ultimate power.  While most warriors shed blood on the battlefield for one clan or another, Okko the Ronin travels elsewhere on a more personal mission, hunting demons across the land with his companions: Noburo, an enigmatic giant who hides his face behind a red mask; Noshin, a whimsical monk and lover of saké with the power to commune with the spirits of nature; and the young fisherman Tikku, who is learning his way in the world.

Description of preview: 8 total pages (Cover and 7 interior pages).