Six Million Dollar Man #1
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: March 6, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99
Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: David Hahn
Cover(s): Michael Walsh (A), Yasmine Putri (B), Francesco Francavilla (C), Denis Medri (D)
Format: 32 pgs., Full-Color
Rating: Teen+ 

Christopher Hastings (The Unbelievable Gwenpool, Secret Agent Deadpool, Adventure Time, I Am Groot) and DAVID HAHN (Batman ’66! Bombshells: United!) proudly present a story from a time when there wasn’t internet, but there WERE cyborgs!

It’s the 1970s. Things are going great. Steve Austen (used to be an astronaut, now has robo-parts & a laser eye) heads to Japan to help Secret Agent Niko Abe stop a madman with missiles.  Steve figures, no sweat.  But then… sweat.  How’s Steve going to complete his mission, when his fancy $6,000,000 body starts (DRASTICALLY) depreciating in value!?

Description of preview: 9 total pages (4 covers and 5 interior pages).