Revisit the brilliance of Earth X with new Marvels X variant covers coming this January on select Marvel titles.

Publisher Description:  From the creative minds of comic legends Alex Ross and Jim Krueger, Earth X introduced readers to a fascinating future where everyone was gifted with superpowers.  Now, decades later, Ross and Krueger are reuniting for a prequel to their classic epic in January's Marvels X.  To celebrate the return to this strange world, some of the industry's best artists have crafted Marvels X variant covers featuring bold reimagined versions of your favorite characters!

Watch for these Marvels X variant covers and more throughout the month of January:

  • Captain Marvel #14 Marvels X Variant by Alex Garner [NOV190880]
  • Deadpool #3 Marvels X Variant by David Yardin [NOV190889]
  • Dr. Strange #2 Marvels X Variant by Olivier Vatine [NOV190876]
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Marvels X Variant by Skan [NOV190749]
  • Iron Man 2020 #1 Marvels X Variant by Christian Ward [NOV190762]
  • Spider-Man #5 Marvels X Variant by Javier Rodriguez [NOV190911]
  • Thor #1 Marvels X Variant by Ryan Brown [Aug199023]
  • Venom #22 Marvels X Variant by John Tyler Christopher [NOV190904]
  • X-Force #5 Marvels X Variant by Greg Land [NOV190822]

Click on Gallery below for full-sized images of the variant covers.