Publisher Description.  "Humans of planet Earth.  While you slept, the world changed."  The now iconic opening line from House of X #1, the start of writer Jonathan Hickman’s radical transformation of the X-Men franchise, foretold the incredible plans that mutantkind was about to unleash on the Marvel Universe.  This June, the X-Men set out to change the world yet again at mutantkind’s inaugural Hellfire Gala.

Yesterday, the first of many exciting new character designs X-Men artists have contributed specifically for the Hellfire Gala were revealed, and the world saw the meaning of "Mutant Fashion" as envisioned by superstar artist Russell Dauterman.  Today, readers can check out the covers of all 12 Hellfire Gala issues, getting their first glimpse at the secrets, the battles, and of course, the fashion that await at this unforgettable evening.

These highly-anticipated stories will be told across 12 issues, offering different perspectives and viewpoints of a single night that will go down in Marvel Comics history.  Throughout the event, fans can expect critical moments to occur that will shape the X-Men’s future as we know it—including the unveiling of the first Krakoan X-Men team, the final member of which was decided by a mega-popular vote.

Check out the covers and solicit text for all 12 tie-ins:

On Sale 6/2
Hellions #12
Written by Zeb Wells
Art and Cover by Stephen Segovia
"Who Invited The Hellions To The Hellfire Gala?"
Who thought it was a good idea to invite the antisocial Hellions to the fanciest bash of the year?  Oh, no one?  They weren’t invited but they showed up anyway?  Yeah, that sounds about right.

Marauders #21
Written by Gerry Duggan & Chris Claremont
Art by Matteo Lolli & John Bolton
"Welcome To The Hellfire Gala! "
The Hellfire Trading Company has put together the biggest event of the season – the very first hellfire gala!  Everyone will be there – all your favorite mutants, their closest allies… even their worst enemies – for a night of dinner, drinks, diplomacy and deceit.  Fireworks to follow.  Plus: from the archives, a classic X-Men tale with our very first look at a hellfire gala by Chris Claremont and John Bolton!

X-Force #20
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art and Cover by Joshua Cassara
"Invite-Only To The Hellfire Gala!"
It’s party time, but somebody’s got to work it.  And when invited guests (and a few crashers) prove to be planted antagonistic agents, X-Force will need to get their hands dirty and keep this all under wraps… before anyone catches wind!

On Sale 6/9
Excalibur #21
Written by Tini Howard
Art by Marcus To
Cover by Mahmud Asrar
"Rictor Hates Parties."
Even the nice ones.  And with Captain Britain’s return to a changed world, this one is looking to be not so nice.  Excalibur’s earth-shattering hellfire gala issue will change Krakoan diplomacy forever.

X-Men #21
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Russell Dauterman, Nick Dragotta, Sara Pichelli & Lucas Werneck
Cover by Leinil Francis Yu
"The Heroes Of Krakoa Debut!"
It’s a changing if the guard as the first X-Men team of Krakoa debuts!  One era ends as a new one begins, and the handoff happens here.

On Sale 6/16
New Mutants #19
Written by Vita Ayala
Art by Alex Lins
Cover by Martin Simmonds
"And I’ll Cry If I Want To…"
The Hellfire Gala is here, and the New Mutants have the chance to take a break from training the youth of Krakoa – an opportunity to get dressed up and get down.  But not everyone is on their best behavior… and someone has vanished without a trace.

Planet-Size X-Men #1
Written by Gerry Duggan
Art and Cover by Pepe Larraz
Variant Cover by Pepe Larraz
"They Came To Slay!"
The Hellfire Gala rages on, but bigger things are afoot a world away.  Make no mistake – This is an X-Men book drawn by superstar artist Pepe Larraz. It Is Absolutely the most important issue of the month.

X-Corp #2
Written by Tini Howard
Art By Alberto Foche
Cover by David Aja
"A Shark In The Water!"
After X-Corp’s shocking debut, they’ve got fences to mend, hands to shake and most importantly – a board to staff.  With Dr. Jamie Madrox’s top-class dupes staffing the Hellfire Gala, Cxos Monet and Angel must stalk the dance floor and hope they don’t get preyed on themselves.

On Sale 6/23
S.W.O.R.D. #6
Written by Al Ewing
Art and Cover by Valerio Schiti
"This Is What Comes Next."
On Earth, The Hellfire Gala is in full swing.  But on S.W.O.R.D. station one, a very different guest list comes together… as Abigail Brand finally unveils her plans for Mysterium – and the future of human and mutantkind.

Way of X #3
Written by Si Spurrier
Art by Bob Quinn
Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli
"Make More Mutants."
It’s the Hellfire Gala hangover.  Nightcrawler tries to root out the evil working to destroy Krakoa by investigating all its laws, starting with… **Sexy Saxophone Solo**

Wolverine #13
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Scot Eaton
Cover by Adam Kubert
"Hellfire Compromised!"
Can Wolverine and X-Force keep the peace or is the Gala doomed?

On Sale 6/30
X-Factor #10
Written by Leah Williams
Art by David Baldeón
Cover by Ivan Shavrin
"The Last Dance!"
At the Hellfire Gala, secrets will be revealed!  Vengeance will be had.  And someone’s number is up.  You’ll never guess whose.

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