Publisher Description.  Marvel’s new Ultimate line of comics continues to enthrall readers with its bold take on the Marvel Universe!

Created by Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch in last year’s Ultimate Invasion, the new Ultimate Universe was designed by the Maker to be a world without super heroes.  But the Maker is no longer in control, and now, across four titles—Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Black Panther, Ultimate X-Men, and Ultimates—new versions of iconic Marvel characters are reclaiming their destiny and joining forces to bring light to this dark reflection of the world you know!

It’s a storytelling foundation exploding with endless possibility, and right now, get a sneak peek at the excitement to come with cover reveals and synopses for Ultimate Universe issues hitting stands in September, including the debut of the all-new Ultimate Sinister Six, led by Kingpin!

Ultimate Black Panther #8
Written by Bryan Hill
Art and Cover by Stefano Caselli
BLACK PANTHER AND STORM TAKE THE FIGHT TO MOON KNIGHT!  Enough planning – time for a guerrilla counterstrike against Khonshu and Ra! Meanwhile, Killmonger and Okoye seek allies to aid their cause outside of Wakanda…  So don’t miss the big gun they call in! Ultimate WHO?  You’ll have to read to find out!

Ultimates #4
Written by Deniz Camp
Art by Phil Noto
THE FATE OF THE ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR!  Doom’s years of torture at the hands of the Maker finally catch up to him in this secret history of the real Reed Richards!  And tensions rise among the Ultimates when Doom might be more fixated on re-creating the life he should have had than the life he’s got…  Featuring art by guest artist Phil Noto!

Ultimate Spider-Man #9
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art and Cover by Marco Checchetto
THE SINISTER SIX MAKE THEIR FIRST STRIKE!  But WHO are the Sinister Six?  The first member throws down with Spider-Man and Green Goblin in this action-packed issue!  Plus, with Tony Stark’s return, Peter must also explore the limitations of his new suit…

Ultimate X-Men #7
Written by Peach Momoko
Art by Peach Momoko
MEET THE MUTANTS’ NEW MENTOR, PSYLOCKE!  After the climactic finale of issue #6 and the surprise new teammate they found, Mei, Hisako, Nico and the mutants need some guidance!  Fortunately, the mysterious Kanon is an older student with a surprising amount of expertise…

Check out September's covers along with Checchetto's Sinister Six designs AND a new variant cover by Luciano Vecchio for August's Ultimate Spider-Man #8.

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